When & why: fairway woods

Glen Portelli

16 August 2021

Whether you’re on the tee box looking at a tight fairway or on the fairway looking at a faraway green, do you listen to that little voice in your head telling you to take the fairway wood out? Decisions have to be made, but if you want to hit that club the decision is a lot easier…

PING G425 fairway woods
PING G425 fairway woods

Generating loads of speed gives us plenty of distance, and we’d like to get plenty of launch as well. But it’s also very important to find the performance you want consistently, so we’re thrilled that PING has figured out the most effective way to do this.

Easy decision, more confidence and better course management...

The G425 fairway woods boast Facewrap technology for increased ball speed and, in turn, greater distance, with the complementary Spinsistency design ensuring consistent speed, distance and spin when the ball is struck low on the face - quite a common area with fairway woods. This combination of distance and accuracy you can rely on makes the decision to putt out your fairway wood much easier.

G425 fairway wood in action

To give yourself an easy decision, more confidence and better course management, you can learn more about which of these models is best for you by clicking the button below.

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